Best answer: How much does a liquor license cost in Bangalore?

How much does it cost for liquor license in Bangalore?

While the purchases prices are shooting up, the new buyer of the license has to shed out another 17.24 lakhs to the state government as a two-year renewal fee. The original cost of license renewal was around 2 -2.5 Lakhs.

How much does it cost to get a liquor license in Karnataka?

There are 11,236 Excise licencees in Karnataka. The licence fee is paid annually in advance, before June 1. For pubs and bars (CL9 licencees), the fee ranges from Rs 4 lakh to Rs 7.5 lakh, depending on the population of the area, plus Additional Excise Duty of 15 per cent on the licence fee.

How can I get liquor license in Bangalore?

Apply in person

One need to apply for a license to the State Excise Department. Go to the license issuing authority of your area to do the preliminary round of discussion for the area you wanted to obtain the license. If the area proposed is accepted, then the applicant can start his work.

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How much does it cost to start liquor?

If you want to start a liquor store, you can expect to spend between $50,000 to $100,000 minimum. The costs will range from items like inventory and equipment to staffing and legal requirements. Here’s a breakdown of a few of the items. The money liquor store owners need to stock shelves can add up to $35,000.

Do liquor stores make a lot of money?

How much profit can a liquor store make? According to a recent Forbes study, liquor stores are among the top five least profitable businesses, taking home a profit of 1.7%. Owners who are able to run their own business take home an average salary of $21,000 – $51,000, depending upon size, location, and sales.

What is cl4 license Karnataka?

Bangalore Club has a new issue to sort out now. By June, its excise licence will come up for renewal and the Club that enjoys Class 4 licence (CL 4) will have to go through a huge administrative process. … The CL 4 licence costs Rs 7.5 lakh and CL 6, under which the Club is eligible for licence, costs Rs 17.5 lakh.

What is the profit margin in liquor store in Karnataka?

On average, liquor stores tend to have an overall profit margin of between 20% and 30% annually [4].

How many types of liquor license are there in Karnataka?

Types of Liquor License in Karnataka

Retail shop licence to vend Indian liquor or Foreign liquor or both – not to be drunk on the premises. Clubs vending Indian liquor or Foreign liquor or both for its patrons.

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What is the full form of MSIL liquor?

With an eye on generating more revenue by way of excise duty, the State government is likely to allow Mysore Sales International Limited (MSIL) to open more liquor shops across Karnataka.

How much liquor can I keep at home in Bangalore?

Permissible limits are 18.2 litres of country beer, 9.1 litres of imported foreign liquor, 4.5 litres of fortified wine, 9 litres of fruit wine, 2.3 litres of liquor manufactured in Karnataka (excluding imported Foreign liquor), and 2.5 litres of toddy (in the areas where public sale of toddy is allowed, i.e., D.

What is CL 7 bar license?

CL-7 as per Annexure-Q wherein condition No. 7 states that the sale of liquor is restricted to the residents for their-own use and that of their guests requiring liquor with the meals supplied to them.