Can I drive from Lahore to Delhi?

What is the distance between Delhi and Lahore by road?

263 miles / 423.26 km / 228.54 nautical miles.

What is the distance of Lahore?

Distance From Lahore to Pakistan Cities

City Distance Mileage
Distance from Lahore to Karachi 1,025 km 637 miles
Distance from Islamabad to Lahore 269 km 167 miles
Distance from Sindh to Lahore 847 km 526 miles
Distance from Punjab to Lahore 161 km 100 miles

How far is Lahore from border?

Distance between Indian Border and Lahore. It takes 1 hours, 12 minutes to travel from Indian Border to Lahore. Approximate driving distance between Indian Border and Lahore is 60 kms or 37.3 miles or 32.4 nautical miles .

What’s the capital of Pakistan?

How can I go to Amritsar from Lahore?

You may take a bus or taxi from Amritsar to Wagah border, cross the border and then take a taxi to Lahore city, some 45 minutes drive from Wagah border to Lahore. Or take a bus from New Delhi to Lahore, as proposed by Daniyah.

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