Can Indian ringnecks and budgies live together?

Can you keep Indian ringnecks with budgies?

The smaller the aviary the more critical the selection of the birds placed with in it. So for the average small backyard aviary if you keep parrots such as indian ring necks it would be very unwise to place budgies as these birds are aggressive and would more than likely kill the budgies in a short period of time.

What birds can be kept with budgies?

The most likely to get along with your parakeet is the equally sociable zebra finch, who hails from Australia, as budgerigars, a type of parakeet, do. Other finches that can live harmoniously with parakeets include the nutmeg mannikin, the java sparrow, the double-barred finch and the cordon-bleu.

Do Indian ringnecks need companions?

But they do require an attentive caretaker who can spend time handling them every day to keep them tame and prevent them from becoming bored.

Can Indian ringnecks be housed with other birds?

If these birds are pets that you handle, then you should not cage them together. Indian Ringnecks are known for being hand shy, even when hand fed, and will quickly revert to being wild if not handled regularly. If you cage them together, they will most likely end up bonding with each other and will no longer be tame.

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Can you mix birds in a cage?

Typically, unless you are introducing a small bird (such as a budgerigar, canary, or finch) to another (or a group) of similar small species, the two birds should not be housed together but rather should be given their own bird cages, feeding stations, perches and toys.

Can 3 budgies live together?

Three budgies in a cage will require significant room, more room than three individual cages. They will need enough room in the cage that all three of them can stretch their wings without touching, play, climb ladders, eat and perch without being bothered or touched by a cage mate.