Does Indian iPhone work in Canada?

Can I take new iPhone from Canada to India?

You can carry the new iPhone in your pocket but custom duty is required to be paid if the total value is greater than 10,000 Indian rupees. You can carry mobile but if you do not declare it on the customs form, you may have to pay a penalty if you are caught.

Can I take my iPhone to Canada?

If you didn’t activate it in the US it cannot be used outside of the US. If you did activate it in the US you must ask the carrier you used it with to unlock it. Thank you so much!

Can I use a Canadian phone in India?

You don’t have to Dial your Country to call Indian number but if any one has to call you has to call your country code and then the no. Morover the call Charge will be much higher . How long you intend to stay in India . If staying for long then rather buy a Indian prepaid Mobile Card .

Does Indian iPhone 12 work in Canada?

Answer: A: Answer: A: All iPhone models are world phones, so you can use them almost anywhere.

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Can I carry 2 iPhones India?

Number of Devices from the USA to India

There is no limit on the number of devices that you can carry to India from the USA. As long as you pay tariffs and duties, there is no problem. … However, if you wish to take more than two pieces, you will have to pay customs duty for the same.

Is it cheaper to buy iPhone in USA or Canada?

Canadians are paying less for an iPhone than the average American customer, but they aren’t getting as sweet of a deal as those in Japan or Finland, among others, according to a new study. … Angola is the world’s cheapest destination to purchase the Apple devices with an average price of US$401.94.

Does redmi work in Canada?

Keep in mind that to have a perfect coverage, the ideal thing is that the Xiaomi Redmi 9 has all the frequencies for all networks, that are used in Canada, although if the Xiaomi Redmi 9 lacks any of the frequency bands used, it does not mean that it does not work on that network, but coverage could be limited to …

Can I use US Sim in Canada?

Never pay for roaming in North America (Canada, Mexico and the USA) again! … You get a US SIM card and can enjoy the cheap local rates in Canada, the USA and Mexico. Depending on the option you choose you get free minutes to landline and mobile networks in North America.

Are iPhones cheaper in Canada?

Apple iPhone 11 price in Canada starts at Rs 60,300 and is almost Rs 4,600 cheaper. Like in the US, prices in Canada too, prices differ as per the region depending on the tax. Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) sells at a maximum price of 1,126 Canadian Dollars after taxes which translate to around Rs 60,300 in India.

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Can I use Indian iPhone in USA?

1 Answer. Yes it would. An iPhone purchased in India has support for GSM frequency bands in USA. It would function similar to an unlocked iPhone bought in USA.