Frequent question: How many freshwater lakes are there in India?

Which are the important freshwater lakes in India?

Top 10 largest Lakes in India

List of largest Lakes(Decreasing order of area covered) State/UT
Vembanad Lake Kerala
Chilika Lake Odisha
Shivaji Sagar Lake Maharashtra
Indira Sagar lake Madhya Pradesh

What are the fresh lakes of India?

Key Facts

Fact Name of the Lake
Largest lake in India Sambhar lake in Rajasthan
Largest fresh-water lake in India Kolleru lake in Andhra Pradesh
Largest coastal lagoon in India Chilka lake in Orissa
Sriharikota island is located in Pulicat lake in Andhra Pradesh

Is DAL a freshwater lake?

Option a: Dal is a lake located in Srinagar. It is known as the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, India. … It is formed by the Bhakra Dam on the river Sutlej and a freshwater lake. It is one of the world’s highest gravity dams which provides electricity and water to a large area of the Gobind Sagar reservoir.

Which state has the largest freshwater lake?

List of largest lakes of the United States by area

Rank Name U.S. states/Canadian provinces/Mexican states
1 Lake Superior Michigan–Minnesota–Wisconsin–Ontario
2 Lake Huron Michigan–Ontario
3 Lake Michigan Illinois–Indiana–Michigan–Wisconsin
4 Lake Erie Michigan–New York–Ohio–Ontario–Pennsylvania

Which is the smallest lake in India?

Pookode Lake is a scenic freshwater lake in the Wayanad district in Kerala, South India.

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Pookode Lake
Basin countries India
Surface area 13 acres (5.3 ha)
Average depth 40 metres (130 ft)
Surface elevation 2,100 metres (6,900 ft)

Which state has maximum lakes in India?

Vembanad Lake – Situated in Kerala, it is the longest lake in India and the largest lake in Kerala.

Statewise Lakes of India.

State Lake
Jammu and Kashmir Sheshnag Lake
Tso Moriri
Wular Lake
Karnataka Agara Lake

Which is the third largest lake in India?

A Quick Glance Through

S.No. Lake Area (Sq km)
1 Vembanad 2,033
2 Chilika 1,165
3 Loktak 287
4 Shivsagar 891.7