Frequent question: Which city is best Bangalore or Mangalore?

Which city is more expensive Bangalore or Mangalore?

Cost of Living Comparison Between Bangalore and Mangalore

You would need around 92,768.10₹ in Mangalore to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 120,000.00₹ in Bangalore (assuming you rent in both cities).

Which is second best city in Karnataka?

List of cities

Rank (2011) City District
1 Bengaluru Bangalore Urban
2 Hubballi-Dharwad Dharwad
3 Mysuru Mysore
4 Kalaburagi Gulbarga

Are Mangalore and Bangalore different?

Karnataka’s capital Bangalore Saturday shed its colonial name to become Bengaluru along with 11 other cities across the state, renamed in the native Kannada language. The renaming of India’s tech hub and other cities coincided with Karnataka’s 59th formation day.

Which city is best to live in Karnataka?

MANGALURU: The coastal city of Mangaluru is the most livable and safest city in the state of Karnataka, according to the Ease of Living Index 2018 released by ministry of housing and urban affairs on Monday.

How good is Mangalore?

Mangalore is one of best city in india. City is clean without much slums like other indian cities. People are good.

Quality of Life in Mangalore, India.

Purchasing Power Index 47.51 Low
Traffic Commute Time Index 31.84 Low
Pollution Index 44.95 Moderate
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 153.87 High
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Is Mangalore the best city in India?

The city has been ranked 41 in terms of quality of life in a global list, making it the best in India. … Among other Indian cities, Pune ranks 77, Hyderabd 96, Bengaluru 108, Gurgaon 112, Chennai 128, Delhi 130, Kolkata 138, and Mumbai 139.

Which is the coolest city in Karnataka?

Which is the coldest place in Karnataka? Chamrajnagar located in the vicinity of Mysore is the coldest place in Karnataka which witnesses a temperature of 10.1 degrees.

Is Mangalore a metropolitan city?

Mangalore city is governed by Municipal Corporation which comes under Mangalore Metropolitan Region. The Mangalore city is located in Karnataka state of India. … Although Mangalore city has population of 488,968; its urban / metropolitan population is 623,841 of which 309,380 are males and 314,461 are females.

How costly is Mangalore?

Summary about cost of living in Mangalore, India: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,100$ (81,949₹) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 308$ (22,973₹) without rent. Mangalore is 76.21% less expensive than New York (without rent).