Frequent question: Who is GOC in Indian Army?

Who is GOC in army?

General officer commanding (GOC) is the usual title given in the armies of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth (and some other nations, such as Ireland) to a general officer who holds a command appointment.

What is the work of GOC?

We have four core functions: Setting standards for optical education and training, performance and conduct. Approving qualifications leading to registration. Maintaining a register of individuals who are qualified and fit to practise, train or carry on business as optometrists and dispensing opticians.

What is the rank of General Officer Commanding in Chief?

The General-Officer-Commander-in-Chief (GOC-i-C) also called as the Army Commander heads each of these commands. Usually the senior-most Lieutenant Generals in the army is conferred with this rank. Every command generally consists of two or more corps.

Who is the Lt General of Indian Army?

Lieutenant General Manoj Mukund to be the next Army chief

Lt Gen Naravane is an alumnus of the National Defence Academy and the Indian Military Academy.

What rank is GOC in Indian Army?

Army Commanders (Commander-in-Chief Grade)

Post Rank
General Officer Commanding-in-Chief Northern Command Lieutenant General
General Officer Commanding-in-Chief Eastern Command
General Officer Commanding-in-Chief Western Command
General Officer Commanding-in-Chief Central Command
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Who is DG Infantry?

The government has appointed Lt Gen Jasbir Singh as the new Director General of Infantry at the Army headquarters, a month after the post fell vacant following the retirement of incumbent Lt Gen Rajendra Singh.

How many generals are there in Indian Army?

There are nearly 2,000 Brigadiers in the Indian Army, about 600 Major Generals and around 190 Lieutenant Generals. The ranks in the navy and the air force that are equivalent to the army’s Brigadier are Commodore and Air Commodore.

Is Brigadier higher than general?

Brigadier is the highest field officer rank (hence the absence of the word “general”), whereas brigadier-general was the lowest general officer “rank”. However, the two ranks are considered equal.