Frequent question: Who made India’s first helicopter?

When did first helicopter fly in India?

The first Chetak (Aloutte III) in ‘Fly Away’ condition delivered in 1965. The Chetak Helicopter is a two ton class helicopter.


Technical Parameters
MTOW 2200 kg
Cruise Speed 185 Km/h
Range 500 km
Endurance 3.00 hr

Which was the first helicopter of IAF?

Beyond flying

The first of the IAF’s S-55s (tail number IZ-648) was ferried in to Palam from Bombay on 24 March 1954. IZ-649 and IZ-650 followed soon after, in September and December 1954, respectively. The arrival of the first aircraft saw the fledgling Unit hit the ground running.

Who invented helicopter first time?

While the Sikorsky name is forever linked to helicopters, Igor Sikorsky (1889-1972) was a versatile aviation designer and developer whose 50-year career included pioneering work on fixed wing aircraft and flying boats, all before returning to his first love, helicopters, and creating the first practical one.

How many helicopters India have?

Army Aviation Corps

Aircraft Origin In service
HAL Dhruv India 109
HAL Light Utility Helicopter India
HAL Chetak France / India 4

What is Chetak helicopter?

Aérospatiale Gazelle. Atlas XH-1 Alpha. The Aérospatiale Alouette III (French pronunciation: ​[aloo-wɛt], Lark; company designations SA 316 and SA 319) is a single-engine, light utility helicopter developed by French aircraft company Sud Aviation.

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Who is father of Air Force?

He was awarded several honours during the course of a three-decade-long career, ended by his untimely demise in 1960. He has been called the “Father of the Indian Air Force”.

Subroto Mukerjee.

Air Marshal Subroto Mukerjee OBE
Military service
Allegiance British India (1932–1947) India (1947–1960)

Which is the first aircraft of India?

The biplane aircraft Westland Wapiti with a maximum speed of 362 km/hr was inducted into the IAF on 1 April 1933. Fitted with two machine guns, it could carry a load of 263 kg.