Frequent question: Who makes Tommy Hilfiger in India?

Is Tommy Hilfiger made in India?

The company has no manufacturing capacities in India as they truly believe that being an international brand, their customers in India should experience and get the same feel as he would by picking up a Tommy Hilfiger product anywhere in the world.

Where is Tommy Hilfiger manufactured?

Tommy Hilfiger clothes are made in China and Vietnam but the brand works closely within the local communities of their productions factories to create the best product made in the best conditions.

Who owns Calvin Klein?

Who is the CEO of Tommy Hilfiger?

Is Tommy Hilfiger a luxury in India?

Hilfiger shares the true meaning of luxury, the importance of time in his busy life, and his personal connection with India. We make watches that are modern and capable of being paired with various kinds of looks. … And just like our clothes, our watches are luxurious but competitive in pricing.

Is Tommy Hilfiger a Tata product?

The RS 800 crore Titan Industries, a joint venture between the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation and the Tata group, has over 50 per cent share in the domestic watch market. The Tommy Hilfiger brand has presence in apparels, accessories, footwear, fragrances and home furnishings.

Why is Tommy Hilfiger expensive?

Because Tommy Hilfiger is selling different stuff in different areas. Most of the Tommy Hilfiger clothing at outlet stores and Macy’s are cheaper because they are made lower-quality. While Tommy Hilfiger in Europe and Asia are higher-end and better quality at a higher price. They have two different types of labels.

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