Frequent question: Why India is the youngest country?

Is India the youngest country?

India’s 1.3 billion people make it the second most populous country in the world, but with an average age of 29, it has one of the youngest populations globally.

How old is India?

India: 2500 BC. Vietnam: 4000 Years Old.

What is third youngest country?

Which Are The Youngest Countries Of The World?

Rank Country Year Established
1 South Sudan July 9, 2011
2 Kosovo Feb 17, 2008
3 Montenegro Jun 2, 2006
4 Serbia Jun 5, 2006

Who Ruled India first?

The Maurya Empire (320-185 B.C.E.) was the first major historical Indian empire, and definitely the largest one created by an Indian dynasty. The empire arose as a consequence of state consolidation in northern India, which led to one state, Magadha, in today’s Bihar, dominating the Ganges plain.

Who lived in India first?

Anatomically modern humans settled India in multiple waves of early migrations, over tens of millennia. The first migrants came with the Coastal Migration/Southern Dispersal 65,000 years ago, whereafter complex migrations within south and southeast Asia took place.

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