How do I dial a landline number in India?

How do I call a landline number in India?

To make a call to India, you first need to dial the 91 country code . In case you are calling landline number in India, dial the STD code (without the 0) followed by the landline phone number. If you are looking to call a mobile phone, just dial 91 followed by the ten digit mobile phone number.

How do you call a landline number?

It’s easy to call a local landline number using your telephone. Just place “0” and the area code before the landline number you want to call.

How do I call a local landline number from my mobile?

The correct format for landline calls from mobile beginning March 18 will be +63 2X-XXX-XXXX, X-XXX-XXX, or 02X-XXX-XXX, depending on the network, with the area code still intact and the prefix number added before the landline number. Example: My current landline number at home is 217-9999 that is under Globe Telecom.

How do I call a landline number in Mumbai?

Start off with 011 — the U.S. and Canada exit code. Next, dial 91— the India country code. Then, enter 22 — the Mumbai area code (for landlines only). And finally, the 8-digit Mumbai landline number or 10-digit cell number when you want to call Mumbai mobiles.

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How many digits is a landline number?

Fixed-line or landline numbers are at most 8 digits long.

How do I call PLDT landline to cell phone?

Dial 101-74 from a PLDT landline, PLDT Landline Plus, PLDT payphone, or SMART cellphone.


NDD CALLS PhP 3.00 per minute
EMBASSY CALLS PhP 36.08* per minute
*Plus P3.00 per min. for calls outside Metro Manila; Plus P6.50 per min. for calls using SMART or Talk ‘N Text cell phones.

How can I get a landline number on my mobile?

How to Receive Landline Calls on a Mobile Phone

  1. Choose a professional business phone number.
  2. Associate it with an existing landline or mobile phone.
  3. Create a free professional studio-recorded greeting.
  4. Get the most out of this cloud technology with our application.