How does Mumbai gets its drinking water?

Where does Mumbai city get its water from?

Mumbai receives its drinking water supply from Upper Vaitarna, Modak Sagar, Tansa, Middle Vaitarna, Bhatsa, Vihar, and Tulsi lakes whose total capacity is 1,447,363 ML. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) supplies 3,850 ML water to Mumbai per day.

Which one is a common source of drinking water in Mumbai?

At present, seven lakes such as Bhatsa, Vaitarna, Middle Vaitarna, Modak Sagar, Tulsi, Tansa and Vehar supply drinking water to Mumbai. The lakes are located in Mumbai and neighbouring Thane and Palghar districts.

Is Mumbai tap water drinkable?

Can You Drink Tap Water in Mumbai? No, tap water is not drinkable.

Which river water is supplied in Mumbai?

Tansa dam is an earth fill and gravity dam on the Tansa river near Mumbai, Thane district in the state of Maharashtra. The dam is one of the sources of drinking water in the city of Mumbai.

Lakes and Dams Supplying Water to Mumbai.

Year of Construction 1892
Lakes/Dams Tansa Dam
River Tansa
Capacity in Million Litres (ML) 145080

Which dam provides water Maharashtra?

Water sources of Mumbai

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Dam Year Capacity (Million Litres)
Modak Sagar (Lower Vaitarna) 1957 128,925
Tansa Lake 1892 to 1925 144,000
Vihar Lake 1860 27,000
Tulsi Lake 1879 8,000

Are lakes full in Mumbai?

The seven lakes that supply drinking water to Mumbai are at present holding 99.41 per cent water of their total capacity, showed Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) data Tuesday. Last year around this time, the lakes were holding 98.01 per cent water of their cumulative capacity.

Where does Mumbai get electricity from?

95% of Mumbai’s power comes from coal, GHG big concern | Mumbai News – Times of India.

Which river is near to Mumbai?

The Mithi River (Pronunciation: [miʈʰiː]) is a river on Salsette Island, the island of the city of Mumbai, India. It is a confluence of tail-water discharges of the Powai and Vihar lakes. The river is seasonal and rises during the monsoons.

Mithi River
Country India
State Maharashtra
District Mumbai Suburban
City Mumbai

Can we drink tap water after boiling in Mumbai?

Tap water is safe after being boiled and properly stored for a short period of time. Unless you’re used to drink it, and became more or less immune, never take the risk of of direclty drinking tap water in India (and this is of course valid for Mumbai as well), or water you’re not sure about.

What is the TDS of Mumbai tap water?

In Mumbai TDS for municipal water is around 50. So it is suitable for Mumbai municipal water.