How is the standard time for India determined?

How is standard time determined?

Standard time of the place is determined by the distance of meridian of a place from the prime meridian. It is actually the official local time that is followed throughout the country. For a country, the standard time remains the same irrespective of its longitudinal differences and is even regarded as the time zones.

What is the standard time for India why is it taken as standard time?

Since many meridians pass through it, it is important to adopt the local time of one central meridian of a country as the standard time for the country. Thus, we need a standard meridian for the country. In India 82 ½ °E longitude determines the standard time. This is known as the Indian Standard Time.

What is the standard time based on which longitude is the Indian standard time determined?

India’s longitude is 82.5 degrees east of Greenwich and India’s standard timeline passes through Naini near Allahabad.

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How is the Indian Standard Time calculated Class 9?

-In India, the longitude of 82° E meridian is regarded as the standard time for the whole country and is known as the Indian Standard Time (IST). -Indian Standard Time which passes through Mirzapur, in Uttar Pradesh is calculated on the basis of 82°30’E longitude.

Does India need 2 time zones?

India is geographically the second-largest country not to have multiple time-zones India stretches from 97 degree 25 minute East in Arunachal to 68 degree 7 minute East in Gujarat — almost 30 degrees of longitude which is more than enough to have two time-zones.

Why Indian Standard Time is important?

1. It helps in organising a uniform schedule for transport like railways and airways. 2. It cuts down on costs that would be otherwise incurred on adjusting to different time schedules and the subsequent loss of time.

What is IST and how is it determined?

Indian Standard Time (I.S.T.) is determined according to the local time of which one of the following longitudes? Notes: Indian Standard Time is calculated on the basis of 82.5′ E longitude, in Mirzapur (Amravati Chauraha), Uttar Pradesh, which is nearly on the corresponding longitude reference line.

Why India is called subcontinent?

India is a subcontinent located in South of Asian continent. It is considered a subcontinent because it covers an expansive area of land that includes the Himalayan region in the north, the Gangetic Plain as well as the plateau region in the south.

Does India need multiple standard time?

Complete answer:

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Now to answer the question Yes, India requires multiple standard times due to a time difference of around 2 hours between the easternmost and westernmost portions of the country. India’s huge longitudinal expanse is estimated to be around 30 degrees.

What is the criteria for deciding only one standard time for the country?

Normally, if the difference between the longitudinal extent of the country is less than one or two hours, only one standard time is considered for the country.

What is Indian Standard Time Why do we need a standard meridian for India?

We need a standard meridian for India because there is a time lag of about 2 hours between Gujarat and Arunachal Pradesh. To avoid confusion of time in different states , India adopted a standard meridian which is 82 degrees 30 E and it passes through Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh.

Why does Canada have 6 standard times?

Canada has 6 different standard times because it is a vasst country and covers a huge area. The longitudinal extent of the country is largre and thus many Meridians of Longitude pass through it. If there is only one standard time (Standard Meridian) then the places away from that Longitude will face problem in time.

What is Indian Standard Time Class 9?

Indian standard time is the uniform time calculated by the Standard Meridian of India. It is called as IST. … (iv) Therefore, at 82°30’E has been taken as standard meridian of India which is almost passing from centre of India.

How is the Indian Standard Time calculated Class 6?

Explanation: ​In India, the longitude of 82½° E (82° 30′ E) is considered the standard meridian. The local time at this meridian is taken as the standard time for the whole country.

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