How many DC are there in India?

How many DM are there in India?

Reducing role. While almost all of the 741 Indian districts are headed by DMs, constitutional developments post Independence in 1947 have led to a reduction in power and realignment of roles for the District Magistrate.

What is DC post in India?

India. The deputy commissioner or district magistrate is the executive head of a district, an administrative sub-unit of a state.

Is Deputy Commissioner an IAS?

In revenue matters, he/she is responsible to the Government through the Divisional Commissioner and the Financial Commissioner (Revenue). Deputy Commissioner is the Executive Head of a District.

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What is Collector salary?

The highest salary for a Collector in India is ₹1,60,823 per month. The lowest salary for a Collector in India is ₹5,578 per month.

Who is India Collector?

List Of Collectors

S.No. Name of the Collector To
24 Thiru M.Ahmed, I.A.S 09/09/1973
23 Thiru D.K.Oza, I.A.S 07/05/1971
22 Thiru Badrinath, I.A.S 31/03/1970
21 Thiru A.M.Nabi, I.A.S 31/07/1968

What is the power of DCP?

A DCP is the head of criminal administration and is responsible for controlling and directing the actions of the police. The Deputy Commissioner of Police is entrusted with the responsibility and powers of maintaining law and order in a district or a union territory of Indian.

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Is full form in police?

The full form of POLICE is Public Officer for Legal Investigations and Criminal Emergencies. They are uniformed individuals who are responsible for keeping law and order intact.

What is the full form of SP?

The full form are given below: SP – Superintendent of police. SI – Sub-Inspector. ASI – Assistant Sub-Inspector. DSP – Deputy Superintendent of police.