How many Indian states share their boundaries with Pakistan?

How many Indian states share their boundaries with Neighbouring countries?

There is a total of 28 states in India and is the seventh-largest country in the world. India shares land borders with 7 countries including Bangladesh, China, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, and Myanmar and Sea Borders with the Maldives, Sri-Lanka, and Indonesia.

How many Indian states share borders with Punjab?

This northern state of India borders two union territories and three states including Jammu and Kashmir, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan. Punjab also shares its border with Pakistan to the west. With an area rank of 19th Punjab accounts to a total area of 50,362 square kilometres.

Which India State has longest border with Pakistan?

Jammu and Kashmir shares the longest border with Pakistan which has a length of 1222 km. Jammu and Kashmir is followed by Rajasthan which has a length of 1179 km, after this comes Gujarat with 506 km and finally Punjab with 425 km long border.

Which is the smallest among the states sharing border with Pakistan?

Jammu & Kashmir, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Punjab share land boundary with Pakistan among this Punjab is the smallest state which share border with pakistan.

Does Haryana share its boundary with Pakistan?

– To the North-East, it is bounded by the Himachal Pradesh. – To the South and South-East, it is bounded by the Haryana. – To the South-West, it is bounded by the Rajasthan. – To the West, it is bounded by the Pakistan.

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State Total Length (in Km)
Gujarat 506 Km
Punjab 425 Km
TOTAL 3,323 Km

Which state has boundary with Pakistan?

Four Indian states share a border with Pakistan: Punjab (547 km), Rajasthan (1,035 km), Gujarat (512 km) and Jammu & Kashmir (1,216 km), with a combined shared border of 3,310 km. Each of these states has the potential to build economic and political ties with the provinces of Pakistan.