How many languages and mother tongues are there in India as per the 2011 census?

How many mother tongues are there in India?

Presented below is an alphabetical abstract of languages and the mother tongues with speakers’ strength of 10,000 and above at the all India level, grouped under each language. There are a total of 121 languages and 270 mother tongues.

How many major languages are there in India according to Census of India 2001?

Bodo, Dogri, Maithili and Santali were added to the Eighth Schedule with the passing of the 100th Amendment to the Constitution of India in 2003, taking the total number of Scheduled languages to 22 in 2001.

How many languages are there in India census?

The languages in bold are scheduled languages (the only scheduled language with less than 1 million native speakers is Sanskrit).

More than one million speakers.

Language Tulu
2001 census of India (total: 1,028,610,328) Percentage 0.17%
2011 Census of India (total: 1,210,854,977) Speakers 1,846,427
Percentage 0.15%

How many language families are in India?

The Indian languages belong to four language families: Indo-European, Dravidian, Mon-Khmer, and Sino-Tibetan.

How many languages are there in India according to 1971 census?

The 121 languages are presented in two parts — languages included in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution, comprising 22 languages and languages not included in the Eighth Schedule, comprising of 99 languages plus the category “total of other languages”, which includes all other languages which returned less …

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How many languages are there in India PDF?

1) Assamese, (2) Bengali, (3) Gujarati, (4) Hindi, (5) Kannada, (6) Kashmiri, (7) Konkani, (8) Malayalam, (9) Manipuri, (10) Marathi, (11) Nepali, (12) Oriya, (13) Punjabi, (14) Sanskrit, (15) Sindhi, (16) Tamil, (17) Telugu, (18) Urdu (19) Bodo, (20) Santhali, (21) Maithili and (22) Dogri.

How many mother tongues are spoken in the world?

What are mother tongue languages and how many are there? There are approximately about six thousand and five hundred languages spoken all over the world today. The most popular out of those languages is Mandarin Chinese, and around 1,213,000,000 people speak it.

How many mother tongue are there in the world?

While there are 23 mother tongue languages across the globe, and only a handful are studied or are taught in schools. Globally the most studied languages include: English. French.