How many minor ports are in India?

How many minor ports are there?

India has 13 major ports and 205 notified minor and intermediate ports.

How many minor and major ports are there in India?

9.57 There are 11 major and 148 minor ports, which service the Indian coastline.

How many minor ports are there in India Mcq?

How many Minor Ports are in India? 68.

What is minor port?

A port having facilities for the discharge of cargo from coasters or lighters only. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.

Is Kandla a minor port in India?

Kandla Port was renamed as Deendayal Port Trust under the India port act of 1908.


Deendayal Port Trust Kandla
Country India
State Gujarat
District Kutch
Founded by Khima Jeshang Ahir
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