How many viceroys were there in India?

Who was the last Viceroy of India 5 points?

Answer: Lord Mountbatten was the last Viceroy of India. Answer: Lord Mountbatten was the last Viceroy of India.

Who was the best Viceroy of India?

Top 15 British Viceroys of India

  • Viceroy # 1. Lord Canning as First Viceroy, (1858-62):
  • Viceroy # 2. Lord Elgin (1862-63):
  • Viceroy # 3. Sir John Lawrence, (1864-69):
  • Viceroy # 4. Lord Mayo, (1869-72):
  • Viceroy # 5. Lord Northbrook, (1872-76):
  • Viceroy # 6. Lord Lytton, (1876-80):
  • Viceroy # 7. …
  • Viceroy # 8.

How many governor generals were there in India?

List of governors-general

Name (Birth–Death) Term of office Appointer
Warren Hastings (1732–1818) 20 October 1773 East India Company (1773–1858)
Sir John Macpherson, Bt (acting) (1745–1821) 8 February 1785
The Earl Cornwallis (1738–1805) 12 September 1786
John Shore (1751–1834) 28 October 1793

Who was the last Viceroy not India?

Governor-General of India

Viceroy and Governor-General of India
Final holder Lord Mountbatten (February 1947 – August 1947 as Viceroy of India) Chakravarthi Rajagopalachari (1948–1950 as Governor-general of Dominion of India)
Abolished 26 January 1950
Superseded by Governor-General of Pakistan (In Pakistan (1947))

Where did the viceroys of India live?

The Viceroy’s House – Rashtrapati Bhavan – sat on its New Delhi ‘acropolis‘, and recently restored, serves still as an extraordinary and unmissable bridge between the political ambitions and happily entwined cultural lives of Britain and India.

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What were viceroys appointed to solve?

Their official powers and duties were extensive: the collection and augmentation of royal revenues, the nomination of lesser colonial officials (both civil and ecclesiastical), the enforcement of the laws, the protection of the Indians and their conversion to Christianity, and, until the 18th century, the grant of …

Where are viceroys made?

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Who was Lord Mountbatten class 8?

Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, was a British statesman and naval officer who was the last Viceroy of India and the first Governor-General of India.

Who was the last viceroy of India Class 8?

Answer: (b) Warren Hastings. Question 2: Who was the last viceroy of India?