How much does whiskey cost in India?

How much does whiskey usually cost?

Whiskey Brands Information

Brand Country Avg Price
Jack Daniel’s USA $22
Blanton’s USA $55
TX USA $30
Crown Royal Canada $30

What is expensive whiskey?

Last October, a single bottle of scotch shattered the record for most expensive wine or spirit ever sold at auction. The Macallan Fine and Rare 60-Year-Old fetched a staggering $1.9 million USD. … In total, only 40 bottles were produced from the esteemed cask known simply as ‘number 263.

What is the price of Jack Daniels?

Jack Daniels Price in India

State Name Volume Price in INR (Approx)
Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Price in Rajasthan 750 ml Rs 4210
Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey Price in Rajasthan 750 ml Rs 5990
Jack Daniels Price in Delhi 750 ml Rs 4000
Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey Price in Delhi 750 ml Rs 5300
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