Is diversity the strength of India justify the statement?

Do you think unity in diversity is the strength of India?

Unity in Diversity is very useful for a diverse country. Above all, the concept allows people of different religions, cultures, castes, to live together peacefully. The belief of Unity in Diversity certainly reduces the chances of riots and disturbances.

Why diversity is our strength?

We are all unique and we create diversity through each individual’s ideas, experiences and passions! Men and women of different and backgrounds work close together with us – always with the common goal of achieving the best results for our customers.

What is the strength of diversity?

By embracing people’s differences, organisations can boost innovation, improve customer experiences and gain valuable competitive advantage. Diversity enables a broader range of perspectives, beliefs and ideas to be leveraged, leading to better information gathering, problem solving and decision-making.

Do you think that diversity is the biggest strength of our country justify your answer?

Answer: National diversity is truly our strength. Imagining India without any major regions will not be good. During freedom struggle regional strengths came handy.

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What is the strength of India?

The Military of India maintains the largest active duty force in the world as of 2020, while the Indian Paramilitary Forces, over a million strong, is the second largest paramilitary force in the world. Combined, the total armed forces of India are 2,414,700 strong, the world’s third largest defence force.

Why is India said to have unity in diversity?

NDIA IS CALLED “”LAND OF UNITY IN DIVERSITY ” BECAUSE ;⇒India consists of various religion people and all of them live together happily in the land of India. ⇒India has different forms of language , dresses, food but still our Indian live unite.

What do you know about diversity in India?

Modern India stands as one of the most diverse countries in the world, a subcontinent that is home to over 100 languages, over 700 different tribes, every major religion in the world, and to some of the world’s largest cities as well as remote regions with almost no people.

Is diversity our strength or our weakness?

Explanation: It’s a strength because you can get more specialization. If you get more people from different backgrounds then you’re going to get different skills.

How can we recognize diversity as strength?

the diversity of views represented in a multiparty system can be seen as a weakness because it often may lead to instability in government, it might be seen as a strength because it gives voters a much more meaningful choice among candidates and policy alternatives then the present two-party system.

How does diversity make you stronger?

Diversity promotes critical thinking

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In addition, Scientific American found that exposure to diversity changes the way people think and ultimately improves innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills, which makes us smarter. In addition, Antonio et al.