Is Mumbai hotter than Pune?

Is Pune climate better than Mumbai?

The weather is perfect

That’s what Mumbai is like—humid and sweaty. Pune, on the other hand, is cool and pleasant at any time of the year, with occasional drizzles and a pleasant breeze bringing alive the romantic in everybody. Pune’s weather beats Mumbai’s any day.

Is Pune cold or hot?

Pune has a hot semi-arid climate (BSh) bordering with tropical wet and dry (Aw) with average temperatures ranging between 19 to 33 °C (66 to 91 °F). Pune experiences three seasons: summer, monsoon, and winter.

Which city is more safe Mumbai or Pune?

Safety comparisons Mumbai vs Pune

City Crime Index
New York, NY, United States 47.58
Prague, Czech Republic 24.07
Pune, India 41.69
Mumbai, India 43.8

Why is Pune so cool?

Heavenly Climate!

Located at foothills of Sahyadri Mountains and surrounded by hills and green forest, Pune makes it to one of the greenest areas in the country. Thus making the climate well balanced between not-too-hot and not-too-cool. This is why Pune remains pleasant throughout the year.

Is Pune safe than Mumbai?

Pune is a considerably safe city in Maharashtra for tourists as well as locals. … The city of Mumbai is located at the coast while Pune has been established in the interiors.

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Is Pune better than Mumbai?

Pune Is Totally The More Eco-Friendly City!

While Pune is considered to be one of the greenest cities in India, Mumbai is more of a concrete jungle where everyone is busy making the greens.

Is AC required in Pune?

PUNE: The city’s weather, moderate with average temperatures ranging between 20 and 28 degrees Celsius, hardly needs much air conditioning, but the pace at which constructions are coming up and the building material used have increased the need for the cooling machines in the last two decades.

Is Pune colder than Bangalore?

Pune also have good temperature but a little hot in summer as compare to Bangalore. As the temperature goes till 42 but evening will be cool with cool wind. Winter is also a little colder than Bangalore, avg low temp is 10. Bangalore and Pune have similar weather.

Which state is unsafe for girl in India?


S.No State/UT Rate of Total Crime against Women (2018)
4 Bihar 29.8
5 Chhattisgarh 60.5
6 Goa 47.6

Which city Has Lowest Crime Rate in India?

Kolkata has recorded the lowest rate of cognizable offences and a score of 129.5, where Hyderabad has 233, Mumbai 318.6 and Bengaluru 401.9, with a national average of 810.3, according to a report by The Times of India.