Is Sarojini Naidu called the Nightingale of India?

Why Sarojini Naidu is called the Nightingale of India?

Sarojini Naidu otherwise known as The Nightingale of India earned this nickname for herself because of her contribution to poetry. Her works, rich in imagery, covered a variety of themes – love, death, separation among others. Most of her poems have lines repeated across stanzas.

Who was India’s first female president?

Chief Justice of India K. G. Balakrishnan administering the oath of office to new President Pratibha Patil. December 19, 1934, is the 12th President of India. She is the first woman and the first Maharashtrian to hold this post.

Who is Nightingale of India Lata Mangeshkar or Sarojini Naidu?

Lata Mangeshkar is the female singer of India, who also known as the Nightingale of India.

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