Is the Hindu app good for UPSC?

Is Hindu App enough for UPSC?

Yes, Hindu App will be sufficient for UPSC as it covers news from each and every sector.

Which news app is best for UPSC?

The Hindu newspaper App is the most beneficial and the best App for IAS preparation. It provides a quick look at the recent events of national and international importance. The Hindu is the most suggested daily newspaper for IAS Exam and the IAS aspirants should read it on a daily basis.

Why The Hindu newspaper is best for UPSC?

Reading the Hindu newspaper for IAS exam is imperative to get the best insights and critical analysis of government policies. The editorial columns of the Hindu newspaper help immensely in the IAS Preparation because they have a very detailed and comprehensive approach to cover important topics for IAS Exam.

How can I read Hindu online in UPSC?

UPSC Preparation: How To Read The Hindu

  1. PIB Summary and Analysis.
  2. Visit the Crucial Strategies for UPSC Exam.
  3. Download UPSC Notes PDF (Free)
  4. Take the IAS Mock Tests.
  5. Download NCERT Notes for UPSC PDF (Free)

Can I clear UPSC without reading newspaper?

Reading newspapers is not necessary to crack UPSC’s current affairs.

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Should I read economic times for UPSC?

The Economic Times: It is the best newspaper to get all the news related to the economic sector. While reading ET, completely ignore the political news. … Nonpolitical articles on the ET view will help the UPSC exam aspirants.

Is Unacademy free for UPSC?

Both Unacademy and BYJU’s platforms offer free and paid content and courses for UPSC aspirants. However, many courses on Unacademy are free.

Which app is good for IAS preparation?

ClearIAS is another best and most popular website in India that helps you to prepare for your UPSC exams. They provide the aspirants and users with high-quality coachings, guidance, strategies, books, mock exams, academic materials, and more. You can get the ClearIAS app on your Android and iOS.

Which is Better Times of India or The Hindu?

If you teach History, read The Hindu. However, for Civics, you will have to read The Times of India. In case of any other subject, go for TOI. … In that case, go for The Hindu.

Is sports news important for UPSC?

Sports news unless it is your hobby mentioned in the DAF. Also, if the news is related to polity/administration, you should read it. States’ news unless it has a larger national implication. Regional news should be avoided unless you are preparing for the UPSC interview.