Question: Does Indian Idol 12 have wild card entry?

Is nachiket Lele eliminated?

Indian Idol contestant Nachiket Lele, who was recently eliminated from the show, has now opened up on the controversies around his eviction. Soon after his elimination last month, his fans began expressing their anger at the eviction, and their love for him.

Why is Sawai leaving Indian Idol?

For the uninitiated, Sawai Bhatt also auditioned for Indian Idol 10 and got selected, however, could not make it to top 15 as he was eliminated. A couple of months ago, Sawai wanted to quit Indian Idol 12 since his mother was not keeping well.

Who is the 2nd runner-up of Indian Idol 2021?

The show has spawned spin-off like Indian Idol Junior, which replaced the show for the seventh and eight seasons. On 15 August 2021, Pawandeep Rajan won the Indian Idol season 12.


Season 12
Year 2020-2021
Host Aditya Narayan
Winner Pawandeep Rajan
Runner-up Arunita Kanjilal

Who is Neha sister?

Is Sonu Kakkar sister of Neha Kakkar?

Sonu Kakkar replaced Neha Kakkar on Indian Idol 12. Singer siblings Neha and Tony Kakkar appeared on Sunday’s episode of The Kapil Sharma Show as guests. On the show, Kapil asked Neha Kakkar about judging Indian Idol 12 and why her sister Sonu Kakkar replaced her.

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Is Indian Idol 12 scripted?

The actor-singer has said that no show in the history of television runs sans a script, Indian Idol 12 is no different. … There hasn’t been any show in the history of television that it has not been scripted. There’s no show without a script.

Is Indian Idol 12 rigged?

The reality TV show Indian Idol 12 has come under fire since several celebrities who appeared as judges have accused the makers of rigging the feedback given to contestants. Host Aditya Narayan did not comment on the issue, but instead said he is not going to focus on negativity surrounding the show.

Did Sawai Bhatt left Indian Idol?

The singer got a warm welcome in his hometown in Nagaur, Rajasthan. Indian Idol 12 contestant Sawai Bhatt was recently evicted from the musical reality show and while his departure from the show might have come as a piece of sad news for his fans, his hometown has welcomed him with open arms.

Who knocked out Indian Idol?

Indian Idol 12 winner is Pawandeep Rajan. The talented singer won the 12-hour grand finale of the show on Sunday with Arunita Kanjilal and Sayli Kamble as runners-up. To celebrate the successful show, the makers have planned a 12-hour long finale.