Question: How many animal species are endangered in India?

Is Blackbuck endangered in India?

Today, blackbuck is included in the endangered species list in India (included in Schedule I of Indian Wildlife Act, 1972). Therefore, IITM campus has an important role in protecting the blackbuck in the campus which is their original and native habitat.

What is the endangered list number 2020?

There are now 41,415 species on the IUCN Red List, and 16,306 of them are endangered species threatened with extinction. This is up from 16,118 last year.

Are Penguins endangered?

Which one is endangered species?

Species Directory

Common name Scientific name Conservation status ↓
Cross River Gorilla Gorilla gorilla diehli Critically Endangered
Eastern Lowland Gorilla Gorilla beringei graueri Critically Endangered
Hawksbill Turtle Eretmochelys imbricata Critically Endangered
Javan Rhino Rhinoceros sondaicus Critically Endangered
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