Question: What did the French wear in the French and Indian War?

What did French soldiers wear?


Grande Armée rank Modern U.S./U.K./NATO equivalent
Colonel Colonel
Colonel en second Senior lieutenant colonel
Major Lieutenant Colonel
Major en second Senior Major

What color coats did the French wear?

The French wore uniforms of white with different shades of blue jackets and coats. The most difficult item of clothing to keep in good shape for the soldiers was shoes.

Who wore blue in the French and Indian War?

The uniform of the Virginia Regiment, which George Washington commanded in the French and Indian War, was blue and red: “…

What did the French soldiers wear in the Revolutionary War?

Each soldier wore a short-tailed coat with lapels. Most commonly, these coats were navy blue, trimmed with gold and adorned only with buttons. French soldiers wore these coats over waistcoats and breeches no matter the battlefield conditions.

What did the French uniforms look like in the French and Indian War?

In general, French army uniforms were white; that is regular French Infantry regiments wore white uniforms. Foreign regiments were often distinguished by different colors. … The French infantry regiments that served at Carillon had red or blue regulation facings.

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Why did French wear blue?

The colorful uniforms, it was felt, were linked to Army prestige – which embodied national honor that had been besmirched by the loss of Alsace-Lorreine in the Franco-Prussian war and would someday be regained by military victory.

What color did the loyalists wear?

The armies at the time of the American Revolution wore whatever they could manage to find for as the war continued cloth became more and more difficult to find. Those regiments loyal to the King or Loyalists wore green.

What color coats did the Patriots wear?

New Hampshire and Massachusetts soldiers wore blue coats with white facings and linings. Soldiers from Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina wore blue coats with white linings and blue facings. New Jersey and New York soldiers were dressed in blue coats with red facings and white linings.