Question: What is the current annual milk production in India?

What is the current milk production of India?

Milk Production in India

Milk production and per capita availability of milk in India
2016-17 165.4 355
2017-18 176.3 375
2018-19 187.7 394
Source: Basic Animal Husbandry Statistics, DAHD&F, GoI

What is the annual production of milk?

Milk produced per cow 1999-2020

The amount of milk produced per cow in the United States has increased each year since 1999, from 17.76 thousand pounds per year to around 23.4 thousand pounds in 2019. This figure increased to approximately 23.8 thousand pounds of milk per cow by 2020.

How many Litres of milk is produced in India?

In India, the world’s largest milk producer, there are around 70 million small-scale producers. India is expected to produce 175 billion litres of milk this year, which is nearly twice what the US – the 2nd biggest milk producing nation – is expected to produce.

Which state is called milk Bowl of India?

Gujarat is popularly known as the “Milk Bowl of India” as it contributes to 7.75% share of the total milk production in the country. As per the National Dairy Development Board, Gujarat produced 14493 tonnes of milk in 2018-19.

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What are the top 2 dairy producing states?

California is the number one producer of dairy products in the US, followed by Wisconsin and Idaho.

What is the per capita availability of milk in India?

Per capita availability of Milk by States/UTs

Per Capita Availability of Milk by States/UTs (gms/day)
All India 225 322
Andhra Pradesh 209 436
Arunachal Pradesh 105 98
Assam 70 70

What is the average milk production per cow in India?

“As per the results of Integrated Sample Survey, the average milk production from a cow was 1,700 kg during the period 2018-19,” the minister said a written reply. The average milk production from a cow in the country has increased from 1,259 kg during 2009-10 to 1,700 kg during 2018-19, he said.

Which is the biggest dairy in India?

Dudhsagar Dairy is the largest dairy in Asia, processing on an average 1.41 million kilograms (3.1×106 lb) of milk each day.

Dudhsagar Dairy.

Gate of Dudhsagar dairy
Type Cooperative (AMUL)
Founded 1963
Headquarters Mehsana, Gujarat, India
Key people Ashok Chaudhary Chairman, Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF)

Which state consumes most milk in India?

As regards Western India, consumption of milk was the highest in Gujarat (242 grams/day/consumer), while it was the lowest in Maharashtra (173 grams) for the purchased urban households. In Southern India, it was highest in Tamil Nadu (189 grams) and the lowest was in Kerala (155 grams).

Which is the lowest milk producing state in India?

Only in 6 of the pre-reorganisalion States was 50 per cent of milk pro- duce consumed in liquid form. they were PEPSU 50.8 per cent (7.32 oz per capita), Bihar 51.5 per cent (2.17 oz), Assam 56.7 per cent (0,73 oz). Orissa 58.6 per cent (1.39 oz ). West Bengal 65.1 per cent (1.58 oz ).

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