Quick Answer: Can I Courier medicines from India to Dubai?

How can I Courier medicine from India to UAE?

To avail the medicine delivery service, customers need to visit any Blue Dart/DHL counter across India and provide valid medical prescription for sending medicines overseas to their family/ friends through the Blue Dart-DHL’s door-to-door express service, the company said in the release.

How can I send medicine to Dubai?

Applicants need to submit a prescription issued by the attending physician, a medical report approved by health entities and a copy of Emirates ID or passport. Once they submit the form along with the required documents, the officer concerned in the drugs department examines the request and issues the approval.

Can I send medicine by DHL to UAE?

Drugs: prescription

Provide approval from United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health. If DHL is required to clear shipment: contact DHL Special Services on 0844 248 0505. Prescription medicine for personal use under a 3 month course is acceptable.

Can I courier Ayurvedic medicines to Dubai?

Yes, you can send medicines from India to Dubai.

Can medicines be sent to UAE?

The UAE embassy advice says: “Individuals may bring medicine into the country for their personal use. Up to three months’ supply of a prescription item can be brought into the country by a visitor and 12 months’ supply by a resident if they can produce a doctor’s letter or a copy of the original prescription.”

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Can DHL deliver medicine?

No matter where you need us to go, DHL Medical Express delivers investigational medicines, vaccines, kits and clinical supplies safely to the desired destination. Patient samples and other return flows from clinics are carefully delivered back to central laboratories for analysis and testing.

Can I send medication to UAE?

Companies are required to obtain an Import Permit from the Ministry of Health in order to clear commercial quantities. Customs does not permit the disposal of medication in the UAE. … UAE does not have a temperature controlled facility therefore medicine that require same should not be accepted.

Can we bring medicine through courier?

You will need to carry a valid prescription or authorisation for the medicine, and the medicine must also be legal in the country you are travelling from.

What are the courier charges from India to Dubai?

Courier Charges for sending Courier to Dubai, UAE

Weight (KG) Price
0.5 Kg INR 1,867
1 Kg INR 2,074
2 Kg INR 2,617
3 Kg INR 3,766