Quick Answer: Which place gets more rain in India?

Which place in Kerala gets highest rainfall?

Neriamangalam gets one of the highest average rainfall in the state of Kerala. So this place is aptly hailed as ‘The Cherrapunjee of Kerala’. The nearest town is Kothamangalam, which is about 17.6 km (11 mi) from Neriamangalam.

Which place has lowest rainfall in India?

Jaisalmer district located in the state of Rajasthan has the lowest annual rainfall in India.

Which district in Kerala has lowest rainfall?

Kerala has an average annual rainfall of 3107 mm. All India average of Kerala’s rainfall is 1197 mm. In the Winter season, Kerala received the least amount of rainfall. Chinnar in Idukki has received the lowest rainfall in Kerala.

Which district more rain in Kerala?

Idduki and Kottayam districts in Central and South Kerala bore the brunt of the heavy rains that have been lashing the state since Friday with many people feared missing in landslides.

Which is the first e district in Kerala?

KOCHI: Ernakulam became the first e-district in the state on Saturday and along with it took a big leap towards IT-enabled public service. With the project, implemented through the State IT Mission, the public can avail 23 services through Akshaya centres.

Which is the coldest place in India?

Coldest – Dras

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This scenic town lies between Kargil town and Zoji La Pass, also known as the Gateway to Ladakh. Sitting at a height of 10800 ft, the average temperature recorded here is -23 degree Celsius, making it India’s coldest place, which can be visited by tourists.