Quick Answer: Why are Indians obsessed with doctors and engineers?

Why is India obsessed with engineering?

With India’s socialist focus on building state-owned factories, engineering was one profession which guaranteed a job. Those days there were scant opportunities for languages or humanities graduates. However, after economic liberalization, the situation changed radically.

Why do Indian parents love engineering?

Everyone treated and still holds medical professionals as GODs, this made Indian parents to dream of making their child a Doctor. An underdeveloped country like India, tried to go hand in hand with developing countries like USA & UK. This increased industrialization in India and thus the demand for engineers increased.

Why do Indian parents hate gaming?

According to the study, 48 per cent of the parents believe online gaming is a great way to socialise. The study makes it clear that the vast majority of Indian parents do come from a place of empathy. … Most parents (76.1 per cent) also felt that their child’s online gaming habits caused frustration in the family.

Why does India have so many engineers?

The high level of competition automatically ensured high-quality engineers flooding out to ensure India caught up with the world with respect to establishing an industrial framework for the future. People would repeatedly tell their children- study engineering, get a job and help build India.

Why do Indian parents arranged marriages?

Commonly in urban areas and increasingly in rural parts, parents now arrange for marriage-ready sons and daughters to meet with multiple potential spouses with an accepted right of refusal. These arranged marriages are effectively the result of a wide search by both the girl’s family and the boy’s family.

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Why do Indian parents only care about grades?

Regardless, Indian parents and society are completely obsessed with their children’s scores. … Because the higher the score their kid is able to score, the more capable and intelligent they’re considered to be. It’s a competition in the society and a thing to be very proud of, score.