What is India’s rank in the Global Happiness Index 2019?

What is the happiest country in the world 2019?

Finland ranked happiest country in the world – again

  • Finland has been named the happiest place in the world for a fourth year running, in an annual UN-sponsored report.
  • The World Happiness Report saw Denmark in second place, then Switzerland, Iceland and the Netherlands.

What is the rank of India in annual Global Trust Index 2021?

Switzerland remains the world’s leader in innovation for the 11th consecutive year, and together with Sweden (2) has remained in the top three of the innovation ranking for more than a decade.

Region / Rank Economy GII 2021 Global Rank
Northern America
1 India 46
2 Iran (Islamic Republic of) 60
3 Kazakhstan 79

Is India a happy country?

It considers six characteristics to rank countries on overall happiness: GDP per capita, social support, life expectancy, freedom to make choices, generosity, and perception of corruption.

Why India’s ranking on Happiness Index has been falling.

Country Happiness Score Rank
India 3.82 139
China 5.339 84
South Africa 4.956 103

Why is India an unhappy country?

These include household income, health, generosity demonstrated by citizens, freedom to make life choices, perceptions about corruption, social support by friends and relatives enjoyed by citizens, education, employment, age, gender, marital status, and trust in institutions.

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Which country ranked as No 1 in the world in 2019 for best quality of life?

For the sixth consecutive year, Canada ranks No. 1 overall for providing a good quality of life.