What is India’s third language?

Which is the third language in India?

A paper by Leena Ratti from the Central Institute of Education in Delhi University said: “In many of the Hindi-speaking states, Sanskrit became the third language instead of any modern Indian language (preferably south Indian language), whereas the non-Hindi speaking state such as Tamil Nadu operates through a two- …

What is 3rd language?

third language acquisition refers to the acquisition. of a non-native language by learners who have previously acquired or are. acquiring two other languages. The acquisition of the first two languages can be simultaneous (as in early bilingualism) or consecutive.

Which is the 3rd oldest language in India?

Scholars categorise the attested history of the language into three periods, Old Tamil (400 BCE – 700 CE), Middle Tamil (700–1600) and Modern Tamil (1600–present).

Is 3rd language compulsory in CBSE?

myCBSEguide App. Now, it’s mandatory to study three languages up to class 8 in CBSE schools.

What is third language in school?

The State government implemented the Kannada Language Learning Act, 2015, which mandates that schools in Karnataka compulsorily teach Kannada as the first or second language, failing which they would be penalised. … “Last academic year, Hindi was the second language and Kannada the third language.

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Is there a 3rd language?

Third language acquisition is common in bilingual and multilingual contexts where two or more languages are used. Learning more than two languages is also found among the immigrant population and speakers of minority languages who may need to communicate in a third or fourth language.

What is 1st 2nd and 3rd language?

1st language is the mother tounge 2nd language is English and 3rd is hindi.

Which is the first second third language?

the second language can be hindi as well as Punjabi, tamil, telegu, Bengali, Assamese respectively. Third language can be any random language. Like many schools opt for even foreign languages like German , Spanish , French , etc. Indian languages like Tamil, Telegu, sanskrit,etc.

Which is best language in India?

Top 10 Most Popular Indian Languages

  • Hindi. Hindi is officially the most popular language spoken across India. …
  • Bengali. The second most widely spoken language after Hindi is none other than Bengali which is said to be spoken by approximately 8% of the entire population. …
  • Telugu.