What is the climate in Mumbai today?

What type climate is observed in Mumbai?

Answer: The Climate of Mumbai is a tropical, wet and dry climate. Mumbai’s climate can be best described as moderately hot with high level of humidity. Its coastal nature and tropical location ensure temperatures do not fluctuate much throughout the year.

What is the climate of Mumbai tomorrow?

The weather in Mumbai tomorrow

The weather tomorrow in Mumbai will be very hot with temperatures reaching 95°F. During the evening and night time the temperatures will drop to 80°F.

When can we expect rain in Mumbai?

Weather of Mumbai, Maharashtra

Heat wave in Mumbai is also witnessed during the season. Monsoon in Mumbai arrives by June 10, leading to warm and humid weather during July and September. Mumbai rains are heaviest in July and August. October and November witness hot weather in Mumbai.

Is Mumbai colder than Singapore?

The annual average temperature is 0.8 °C (1.4°F) cooler. Average monthly temperatures vary by 3.9 °C (7°F) less in Singapore. … The altitude of the sun at midday is overall 4.9° higher in Singapore than in Mumbai/ Bombay. Relative humidity levels are 5.5% higher.

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What is the climate of Maharashtra?

Maharashtra has typical monsoon climate, with hot, rainy and cold weather seasons. Tropical conditions prevail all over the state, and even the hill stations are not that cold. … Temperature varies between 22°C-39°C during this season. Rainy: Rainfall starts normally in the first week of June.

Why Does Mumbai have moderate climate?

Mumbai experiences moderate climate because of its tropical location. Being located on the coast, it is neither too hot nor too cold; weather is generally humid—places located on the coast experience a moderate climate.

Why is it so hot in Mumbai?

Due to the high specific heat capacity of water, the presence of a large amount of water is able to modify the climate of the nearby land areas, making them warmer in winter and cooler in summer. 5. Because both the cities are located near coastal areas, they experience the continental climate.

Is there water logging in Mumbai?

Heavy rain lashed Mumbai, causing landslide in Asalpha area. The incessant shower also led to water-logging in several areas in the city. … The rains also caused water-logging in Andheri, Parel, Bhandup and some other areas, slowing traffic movement on roads in those places, they said.

What is called the weather?

Weather refers to day-to-day temperature, precipitation, and other atmospheric conditions, whereas climate is the term for the averaging of atmospheric conditions over longer periods of time. When used without qualification, “weather” is generally understood to mean the weather of Earth.

Does it rain a lot in Mumbai?

A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: June, July, August and September. Mumbai has dry periods in January, February, March, April, May, November and December. On average, July is the wettest month with 28.07 inch (713.0 mm) of precipitation.

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