What is the curved surface area of a five rupee coin?

What is the area of 5 rupee coin?

Indian 5-rupee coin

Mass 6.74 g
Diameter 23 mm
Edge reeded
Composition Nickel-brass

What is the formula for volume of 5 rupee coin?

Answer: A coin (assuming it is round and of fairly regular thickness) is basically a cylinder. The volume of a cylinder is given by the formula V=πr^2h where r is the radius and h is the thickness or height.

What is the area of one rupee coin?

Round in shape, the one rupee coins weighs 3.76 grams (58.0 grains), has a diameter of 21.93-millimetre (0.863 in) and thickness of 1.45-millimetre (0.057 in). In independent India, one rupee coins was first minted in 1950 and is currently in circulation.

Indian 1-rupee coin.

Value ₹1
Mass 3.09 g
Diameter 20 mm (0.79 in)

How do you find the surface area of a coin?

Well, you know the area of a circle is calculated as A = π r2, where r is the radius of the circle and π is about 3.1416. To get the radius, you just divide the diameter in two, because the diameter is all the way across the coin and the radius is the distance from the center of the coin to the outside.

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