What is the procedure to file FIR in India?

How can I file FIR in India?

How to lodge an FIR?

  1. The process of filing an FIR is very simple. It is as simple as narrating a story to the police. …
  2. Section 154 of the CrPC gives a choice to the informant to furnish information orally or in writing. If the information is in oral form then the report must be written down by the police officer himself.

What is the method of filing a FIR?

Step 1: Visit the Delhi Police Official Website. Step 2: Select ‘Services’ may option will scroll down. Step 3: Choose the option complaints if you want to file a police complaint online, from the online service box. Step 4: File FIR/complaint accordingly.

What is the time limit for filing an FIR?

There is no time limit for filing an FIR, but information for cognizable offences should be reported to the law enforcement agencies without any delay.

What is difference between FIR and complaint?

Complaint refers to an appeal made to the magistrate, comprising an allegation that a crime has taken place. FIR implies the complaint registered with the police by the plaintiff or any other person having knowledge of the cognizable offence.

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What is a zero FIR?

Zero FIR means that one can file an FIR in any police station, that is, irrespective of the place of incident or jurisdiction. The same can later be transferred to the police station having jurisdiction for the investigation to begin.

How can I check FIR against me?

Simplest way to do is approach the police station and ask them the details. If they are not giving you any details then you can ask by filing a RTI.

Who has authority to cancel FIR?

When a case is transferred from one police station to another, after determination of area of jurisdiction, the offence registered in the original police station shall be cancelled by the Superintendent of Police and an FIR shall be submitted in the police station in the jurisdiction of which the case occurred (25-7 of …

What is the next step after FIR?

Next step after the FIR has been filed

During the process, the police will start inspecting the crime scene, collect evidence, question the witnesses, and record statements and forensic testing. After a complete investigation, the police will record all their findings in a charge sheet.

How do you close a FIR?

1) you can submit affidavit If the case is on investigation stage only and chargesheet is not submitted then the police can submit final report /closure report ,However if it refuses tondonso then mutual quashing is possible fron high court . 2) you can file for mutual quashing of FIR in the High Court.

Is there a time limit on reporting crime?

Most crimes do not have a time limit for reporting them.

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