What tenets of realism are evident in the school days of an Indian girl?

What key idea does Zitkala-Sa develop in school days of an Indian girl?

The despondency and isolation Zitkala-Sa felt at the school as an outsider among white people and her urges of rebellion and revenge represent the despair and anger of all Native Americans under white oppression in her time.

What is the theme in the story the school days of an Indian girl?

Gertrude Bonnin’s memoir The School Days of an Indian Girl focuses on her changing sense of self after being placed in a boarding school. No longer was she allowed to keep all of the little things that created her identity, the simple day-to-day habits that made her who she was up to that point.

Which direct quote from the school days of an Indian girl provides the best evidence for the idea that Zitkala-Sa was miserable at boarding school?


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The Trial Path 127
A Warrior’s Daughter 137
A Dream of Her Grandfather 155
The Widespread Enigma of Blue-Star Woman 159

How did Zitkala-Sa from the story the school days of an Indian girl change?

During her time at this school, Zitkala-Sa was stripped of her cultural freedoms. Zitkala-Sa was physically punished by instructors at her school. She was stripped of her native clothing and also forcibly given a haircut to get rid of her long hair.

How does Zitkala-SA advance her message?

Zitkala-Sa advances her message by explaining how she feels when the adults were forcing her to do the things they made them do. The point of view of this story is a first person narration about an Indian girl’s troubles in a boarding school.

Which statement best defines a theme in short story?

The answer is A. A theme is the central message, moral, or lesson conveyed using characters, setting, and plot.

What kind of contest does Zitkala ŠA win?

At Earlham, though, Zitkala-Ša felt isolated from her white fellow students. The students only paid attention to her after she gave a speech, “Side by Side”, and won the Indiana State Oratorical Contest in 1896.

What is the theme of the cutting of my long hair?

‘The cutting of My long hair’ is a story that showcases the discrimination faced by the Indians in the western world. The story describes how an Indian girl was forced to wear western dresses and cut her hair by her school authorities in order to make her look like an American student.

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Where does the school days of an Indian girl take place?

The autobiography in detail describes her experience in her community, the Yankton Indian Reservation in South Dakota as a child and later her journey ravelling with European-American missionaries to attend a Quaker Missionary School that teaches speaking, reading and writing in English.

When was school days of an Indian girl written?

Published in Atlantic Monthly. Volume 85, Issue 508, February 1900.

Why I am a pagan summary?

In “Why I Am a Pagan”, Zitkala-Sa depicts vividly how the voice of the white-American majority has swallowed the one of the Native-American community. Interestingly, at the same time, that voice of the American aborigines plays as their finest weapon to defend against the assimilation of America.