What were the main provisions of the Indian Independence Act 1947?

What are the main provisions of Indian Independence Act 1947?

The Act’s most important provisions were:

  • Division of British India into the two new dominions – the Dominion of India and the Dominion of Pakistan – with effect from 15 August 1947;
  • Partition of the provinces of Bengal and Punjab between the two new countries;

What is the Independence of India Act write its main provision?

Main provision of the Act were : 1. India was to be divided into two sovereign states-India and Pakistan. The responsibilities of the Government of India were to be handed over to Indian leaders.

What was the significance of the Indian Independence Act 1947?

The act provided for the end of the British Rule in India on 15 August 1947 and the establishment of two Dominions of India and Pakistan. The two Dominions were given the right to secede from the British Commonwealth.

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What are the provisions of Mountbatten Plan?

Four clauses of the Mountbatten Plan: (i) To divide British India into India and Pakistan. (ii) The Princely States would be free to join either India or Pakistan. (iii) Bengal and Punjab were to be partitioned provided the Legislative Assemblies of both states voted in favour of partition.

What did the Indian Independence Act of 1947 state about Bengal and Punjab?

Answer: (i) Bengal and Punjab- Both Bengal and Punjab would be divided if so desired by the people. The Provincial Assemblies of the two parts would meet separately representing Hindu majority districts and Muslim majority vote whether they wanted the division of the province or not.

What were the provisions made for partition in the Indian Independence Act?

The Act divided India into two new dominions-the Dominion of India and the Dominion of Pakistan. Partition of the Bengal provision and the Punjab province into two new countries. An office of the Governor General was made in each of the two countries which represented the Crown.

What did the Indian Independence Act 1947 state about North West Frontier Province?

Both Dominions had legislative supremacy under the Independence Act. … Sindh, British Baluchistan, the North-West Frontier Province, the West Punjab, and East Bengal would make up Pakistan. All of British India’s remaining territories were to be integrated into India.

How did India gain independence from Britain?

India won its freedom from British colonial rule in 1947, after many decades of struggle. Mohandas Gandhi, known as Mahatma Gandhi, joined the fight in 1914 and led the country to independence, using his method of nonviolent protest known as satyagraha.

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What was the basic objective of the appointment of Mountbatten as viceroy in 1947?

Dickie Bird Plan, 1947

Mountbatten prepared “Dickie Bird Plan” for India’s independence. The main proposal of this plan was to that provinces should become first independent successor states rather than an Indian Union or the two dominions of India & Pakistan.

What was the immediate result of Indian independence?

After the 1930s, the movement took on a strong socialist orientation. The work of these various movements ultimately led to the Indian Independence Act 1947, which ended suzerainty in India, and created Pakistan.