When was the popular newspaper The Time of India started?

Which was India’s first newspaper started in 1780?

On 18 November 1780, the same day that the first India Gazette was published, Hicky modified the name of his newspaper from Hicky’s Bengal Gazette; or, Calcutta General Advertiser, to Hicky’s Bengal Gazette; or the Original Calcutta General Advertiser to emphasize that his newspaper was founded first.

When was the first English newspaper published?

Eighteenth-Century Newspapers

The first and most significant development of the new century was the publication of the first English daily newspaper, the Daily Courant, which began on 11 March 1702.

Who is the sister publication of The Times of India?

The Times of India

Let the Truth Prevail
Sister newspapers The Economic Times Navbharat Times Maharashtra Times Ei Samay Mumbai Mirror Vijaya Karnataka Bangalore Mirror
ISSN 0971-8257
OCLC number 23379369
Website timesofindia.com
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