Where did British first open their factories in India?

Where did British Open their first factory in India?

The British East India Company opened its first factory on the east coast at Masulipatnam. On west Coast, it was Surat.

When and where was the first England factory setup in India?

East India Company begins Trade in Bengal: 1. In 1651, the first English factory was set up on the banks of river Hugli and first English factory was opened up at Surat in 1608.

Where did British first open their factories in eastern part of India in which state?

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In the Eastern part of India, Orissa was the first state where the British first opened their factory. This was mainly done to trade along with the East India Company.

Who established first factory in India?

The French set up their first factory at Surat in 1668 and after one year they set up their second factory at Masulipatnam in 1669. Portuguese established their first factory in India at Calicut in 1500 AD and second at Cochin. Dutch established their first factory in Masulipattanam in 1605 AD.

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Who established first British factory in India?

How did the influence and power of the British grow in their early years in India? Job Charnock, the founder’ of Kolkata, established a factory in 1690 at Suttanati. The city of Calcutta was finally founded in 1698 when the British acquired the zamindari of three villages Suttanati, Kalikata, and Govindpur.

Where did the British start the first English factory in 1651?

The Correct Answer is “1651”. The first English factory was set up on the banks of the river Hugli in Bengal in 1651. The East India Company convinced merchants to settle near the factory. By 1696, the Company began building a fort around the Hugli settlement.

Where were the English settlements and factories located in India?

English settlements and factories were located at Masulipatnam, Patna, Dhaka, Kasimbazar in Bengal as well as Bihar, Fort St George in Madras, Bombay, Sultanuti, kolikata and Govindpur.

Where in India did the British establish a fortified factory called Fort William?

Fort William, citadel of Calcutta (now Kolkata), named for King William III of England. The British East India Company’s main Bengal trading station was moved from Hooghly (now Hugli) to Calcutta in 1690 after a war with the Mughals.