Where is malaria most common in India?

Where is the most common place for malaria?

Malaria occurs in more than 100 countries and territories. About half of the world’s population is at risk. Large areas of Africa and South Asia and parts of Central and South America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania are considered areas where malaria transmission occurs.

How many cases of malaria are there in India?

World Health Organization estimates that India has 15 million cases of malaria with 19,500–20,000 deaths annually vs. ∼2 million cases and 1,000 deaths reported (WHO SEARO website).

How common is TB in India?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) TB statistics for India for 2019 (the latest available) give an estimated incidence figure of 2.64 million cases. This is a rate of 193 per 100,000 population.

Why is malaria a problem in India?

Drug resistance,insecticide resistance,lack of knowledge of actual disease burden along with new paradigms of malaria pose a challenge for malaria control in the country.

How is malaria controlled in India?

In 2009, under the Government of India’s (GOI) new national malaria control policy, malaria prevention was strengthened by the adoption of Long Lasting Insecticide-treated Nets (LLINs), and case management expanded through the mobilization of voluntary community workers (called ASHA, recruited under NRHM) who were …

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Has malaria been eradicated in India?

Malaria was nearly eradicated from India in the early 1960s but the disease has re-emerged as a major public health problem. Early set backs in malaria eradication coincided with DDT shortages. Later in the 1960s and 1970s malaria resurgence was the result of technical, financial and operational problems.

How did China get rid of malaria?

In 1955 Chinese authorities launched the National Malaria Control Programme, which promoted the use of insecticide sprays, improved irrigation and case-detection and increased the provision of anti-malarial treatments. Though simple, these measures helped achieve steady progress in the country.