Which country has the most trading posts in India?

How far did trader sail from Mombasa Africa to Calicut India?

Da Gama’s remarkable voyage of 27,000 miles had given Portugal a direct sea route to India. As the Portuguese were establishing trading posts along the west coast of Africa, Spain watched with increasing envy.

Which Europeans controlled trade in the East Indies?

end of the 16th century, Portugal in the East held only the ports of Goa and Diu, in India, and Macau, in China. The English dominated the trade of India, and the Dutch that of the East Indies.

What is the English East India Company Worth?

How today’s tech giants compare to the massive companies of empires past. Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest company, was worth $4.1 trillion in 2010. Dutch East India Company, established in the early 17th century, would be worth $7.9 trillion in today’s dollars.

Which European country had trading posts in the Canary Islands and the Philippines?

As early as 1521, a Spanish expedition led by Ferdinand Magellan arrived in the Philippines. Spain claimed the islands and began settling them in 1565. By the early 1600s, the rest of Europe had begun to descend upon Asia. They wanted to establish their own trade empires in the East.

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What policy did Japan Institute?

What type of policy did Japan institute to control foreign ideas? A policy to block out foreigners, by sealing Japan’s borders and instituted a closed country policy.

Did Dutch colonize India?

Dutch India consisted of the settlements and trading posts of the Dutch East India Company on the Indian subcontinent. It is only used as a geographical definition, as there was never a political authority ruling all Dutch India.

Dutch India.

Casa da Índia 1434–1833
Portuguese East India Company 1628–1633

Who came second in India?

French East India Company was set up in 1664 during the French ruler Louis XIV, with the support of his Finance Minister Colbert. It was a government company. 1st French settlement in India was at Surat (1668) and 2nd at Masulipatnam (1669).

European Powers That Came To India.

Sr. No. 4.
Fort Fort St. Angelo (1stPortuguese fort)
Year 1505
Place Kannur