Which is the deepest major port in India?

What is deepest port?

Answer: [D] Gangavaram Port, Notes: Gangavaram Port, is located in Andhra Pradesh and is the deepest port in India.

Is there any deep sea port in India?

When it comes to the deepest port in India, the Gangavaram port, which is located in Andhra Pradesh is possibly the one.

Which among the following is the deepest?

Mariana Trench is the deepest trench in the world.

What is deep seaport?

A deepwater port is currently defined as “any fixed or floating manmade structure other than a vessel, or any group of such structures, that are located beyond State seaward boundaries and that are used or intended for use as a port or terminal for the transportation, storage, or further handling of oil or natural gas …

Which is the smallest port in India?

Facts about Major ports in India

S.No Name of the Port State
1. Kandla Gujarat
2. Paradip Odisha
3. JNPT Maharashtra
4. Mumbai Maharashtra

Which is the biggest port in Asia?

List of busiest container ports

# Port Region
1 Shanghai East Asia
2 Singapore Southeast Asia
3 Ningbo-Zhoushan East Asia
4 Shenzhen East Asia
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