Which of the following states of India has the lowest female literacy?

Which state has the lowest literacy in India?

Number of Literates & Literacy Rate

State with Highest Literacy Rate Kerala (90.9)
State with Lowest Literacy Rate Bihar (47.0)
UT with Highest Literacy Rate Lakshadweep (86.7)
UT with Lowest Literacy Rate Dadra & Nagar Haveli (57.6)

Which of the following states of India has the lowest female child?

Answer : Haryana has a female child sex ratio of 834 (2011), and is the lowest in India.

In what region is female literacy the lowest?

Sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East and North Africa lag only marginally behind with a gender gap of 15 percentage points and 14 percentage points, respectively. However, Sub-Saharan Africa has the lowest level of adult female literacy at 57 percent.

Which is the lowest educated state in India?

Top 10 Lowest Literate States of India : Ranking

2011 Census
Rank State Literacy
1 Bihar 61.80
2 Arunachal Pradesh 65.38
3 Rajasthan 66.11

Why is literacy rate is low in the females?

Lack of equal education opportunities.

Which state among the following has the lowest literacy rate?

Bihar is the least literate state in India. The state has a literacy of 63.82%.

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Which country has lowest literacy rate?

Lowest Literacy Rates

1. South Sudan 27.0%
2. Afghanistan 28.1
3. Niger 28.7
4. Burkina Faso 28.7
5. Mali 33.4

Which state in India has the lowest number of females in comparison to males?

In the Population Census of 2011 it was revealed that the population ratio in India 2011 is 943 females per 1000 males. Haryana has the lowest sex ratio (877) in Indian states while in union territory Daman Diu has lowest sex ratio of 618.