Which Portuguese explorer discovered a route to India quizlet?

Which explorer discovered a trade route around the southern tip of Africa to India quizlet?

Portuguese-born navigator, hired by Spain to sail to the Indies, was killed in the Philippines, one of his ships returned to Spain completing the first circumnavigation of the globe.

Who opened a sea route from Europe to India quizlet?

The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama made three sea voyages to India between 1497 and 1524. His voyages opened a sea route from Western Europe to the East and made Portugal a world power.

Who Killed Vasco da Gama?

Vasco da Gama immediately invoked his high viceregent powers to impose a new order in Portuguese India, replacing all the old officials with his own appointments. But Gama contracted malaria not long after arriving, and died in the city of Cochin on Christmas Eve in 1524, three months after his arrival.

Who found the route to India around the tip of Africa quizlet?

Bartolomeu Dias was a Portuguese explorer who led the first voyage around the southern tip of Africa called the Cape of Good Hope. His voyage from 1487 to 88 opened the sea trade between Europe and Asia for everyone.

Which of the following explorers sailed around the tip of South America?

In 1519, Magellan’s expedition left Spain. After much hardship, it rounded the tip of South America and entered the Pacific Ocean. Magellan was killed in the Philippines but his men made it back to Spain and as a result circumnavigated (sailed around) the world.

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