Who is the current IAS officer of Mumbai?

Who is Bandra Collector?

Shri. Padmakar A. Gaikwad,Additional Collector,Mumbai Suburban District. Admn, Bldg., 9rh Floor, Bandra (E) Mumbai – 400 051.

Who is the DM of Thane?

Dr Mahendra Kalyankar – Collector and District Magistrate Thane ( Maharashtra) – Govt.

Who is the collector of India 2021?

List Of Collectors

S.No. Name of the Collector From
72 Dr.J.Vijaya Rani, IAS 16/06/2021
71 Tmt. R.Seethalakshmi, IAS 01/07/2019
70 Thiru A.Shanmuga Sundram, IAS 06/09/2018
69 Thiru V. Anbuselvan, IAS 09/03/2017

How many DM are there in Mumbai?


Sr.No. Designation Name of the Officer
1 Collector and District Magistrate Shri. Rajiv Nivatkar, IAS
2 Additional Collector Shri. Arun Abhang
3 Resident Deputy Collector Shri. Sadanand Jadhav
4 Superident, City Survey & Land Record Shri. Krishant Kansae

Who is the tehsildar of Mumbai?

Pavan Chandak, Tahsildar (Revenue), Mumbai Suburban District.

What is GR Mumbai?

MUMBAI: The state government on Thursday issued a Government Resolution (GR) slashing real estate premiums paid by builders by 50%. The GR was issued over a week after the state cabinet had approved the proposal. … All real estate premiums and charges are calculated on the basis of RR rates.

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What is the salary of collector in Maharashtra?

District Collector Salary will range from Rs. 94,739 to Rs. 1,03,668.

Who is the IAS officer of Maharashtra?

Posting Of IAS Officers

Name DOB Cadre
DR. RICHA 11/07/1986 Punjab
FRANK NOBLE A 18/06/1985 Madhya Pradesh
GANGATHARAN DEVARAJAN 18/04/1983 Maharashtra
GAURAV KUMAR SINGH 01/01/1984 Chhatisgarh

Who is the collector of Latur 2021?

Collectors List:

Sr No. Name of Collectors To
13 Mr. Ekanath Dawale, IAS 13.06.2011
14 Dr. Vipin Sharma, IAS 02.08.2014
15 Shri. Pandurang Pole, IAS 29.04.2017
16 Shri. G. Sreekanth, IAS 10.12.2020

Does Thane come in Mumbai?

Thane for all practical purposes is a suburb of Mumbai is past and has passed. Today Thane city area is 147 sq. kms with more than 2.2 Million population. Politically, Thane city is divided in 2 parts, East and West because a railway line passes through the middle of city.

What is collector salary?

The highest salary for a Collector in India is ₹1,60,823 per month. The lowest salary for a Collector in India is ₹5,578 per month.

How many IAS are in India?

Home States of IAS Officers in India

Home State No. of IAS Officers in service in India
Karnataka 159
Kerala 157
West Bengal 134
Odisha 119