Who was the chairman of All India Conference?

Who presided over the All India National Conference?

Surendranath Banerjee and Anandamohan Bose were its main organisers. Two sessions of the conference were held in 1883 and 1885, and these sessions drew representatives from all major towns. The first Indian National Conference session was held in Kolkata at Albert Hall from 28 to 30 December 1883.

Who was the chairman of All India Parties Conference met on 28th February 1928 & 19th May 1928?

The All Parties Conference was a group of Indian political parties known for organizing a committee in May 1928 to author the Constitution of India after independence was actualized. It was chaired by Dr. M. A. Ansari.

Who was the founder of National Conference?

Who is called Indian Burke?

He was known as the Indian Burke. For his tenacity he was called ‘Surrender Not Banerjee’ by the British. Surendranath was influenced by the writings of Italian nationalist Giuseppe Mazzini. He studied the writings of Mazzini in his stay in England (1874-1875) on Anandmohan’s suggestion.

Who is known as Lion of South India?

Chakravarti Vijayaraghavachariar (18 June 1852 – 19 April 1944) was an Indian politician. … The legal battle and eventual victory in proving his innocence earned him the title The Lion of South India. He entered politics as a member of the Salem Municipal Council in 1882.

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Who is the leader of INC party?

Who appointed Simon Commission?

The Simon Commission was dispatched to India in 1928 to review the the Government of India Act 1919. The Commission, appointed by Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, did not include any Indian delegates.

Who was the chairman of the committee that produced Nehru Report in 1928?

It also proposed for the Joint Electorates with reservation of seats for minorities in the legislatures. It was prepared by a committee of the All Parties Conference chaired by Motilal Nehru with his son Jawaharlal Nehru acting as a secretary. There were nine other members in this committee.