Why couldn’t Portugal run the Indian Ocean trade?

Did the Portuguese control the Indian Ocean?

In just a little over 16 years at the beginning of the 16th century, the impoverished Kingdom of Portugal, under the House of Aviz, became the dominant power in the Indian Ocean region and laid the foundation for one of the largest and longest-lived empires in world history.

Why couldn’t Europeans sell their goods in the Indian Ocean region?

Instead, the Spanish controlled most of the territory. Why couldn’t Europeans sell their goods in the Indian Ocean region? European trade goods were crude and unattractive in Asian markets so, Europeans were unable to compete effectively. … This left the Indian Ocean with no major power to dominate it.

How did Portugal affect trade in the Indian Ocean?

In conclusion, the Portuguese transformed and influenced the maritime trade system in the Indian Ocean by force. They took over trading cities, destroyed Muslim trade ships, and imposed taxes to get their way. Now the Portuguese are dominant in the region and are very wealthy.

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How did Portugal attempt to control trade in the Indian Ocean?

The Portuguese government took immediate interest in the Swahili city-states. They sent more ships to the eastern coast of Africa with three goals: to take anything of value they could find, to force the kings of the city to pay taxes to Portuguese tax collectors, and to gain control over the entire Indian Ocean trade.

Why were the Portuguese able to dominate trade in the Indian Ocean?

11. Why were the Portuguese able to establish fortified bases in the Indian Ocean region so quickly and easily? their ships could outgun and outmaneuver competing naval forces, while their onboard cannons could devastate coastal fortifications. … List some ways the Portuguese tried to dominate Indian Ocean trade.

What did the Portuguese do in order to try to create a trading post empire?

Portuguese mariners built the earliest trading -post empire. They did not want to conquer territories, but to control trade routes by forcing merchant vessels to call at fortified trading sites and pay duties there.

Why were joint stock companies less common in Spain and Portugal quizlet?

Why were joint-stock companies less common in Spain and Portugal? Because the government did most of the investing by giving grants to explorers.

Where did Europeans want goods from?

Expert Answers

Spices from Asia, such as pepper and cinnamon, were very important to the Europeans, but other items Europeans coveted included silk and tea from China, as well as Chinese porcelains.