Why is it suddenly so cold in Mumbai?

Why is it suddenly cold in Mumbai?

The drop in Mumbai temperature is said to be a result of western disturbance that has brought cold and dry winds from north India.

What is the lowest temperature in Mumbai in 2020?

The record for the lowest minimum temperature was on January 22, 1962, at 7.4 degrees Celsius. In 2020, the lowest minimum temperature recorded was 11.4 degrees Celsius, on January 7.

What is the coldest temperature in Mumbai?

There are several instances that Mumbai has recorded low temperature. The record lowest temperature was 7.4°C in 1962.

Mumbai’s Lowest Temperature Record During January.

Year Lowest Minimum °C (Date) Highest Minimum °C (Date)
2020 11.4 (17) 21.5 (13)
2019 13.2 (26) 19.2 (23,29)
2018 13.6 (8) 21.8 (14)
2017 11.9 (12) 19.2 (24)

Is Mumbai cold in December?

TWC India. The minimum temperature in Mumbai dropped to 15°C on Tuesday, December 29, 2020. Tuesday, December 29: While Delhiites complain of biting cold throughout December and January, winter merely implies pleasant conditions for the most Mumbaikars as the average temperatures range in between 18 to 32°C.

Why there is no snowfall in Mumbai?

As Mumbai is in the coastal area so temperature does not fall down below certain level.

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What was the hottest day in Mumbai?

On March 27, the city sizzled at 40.7 degrees Celsius, the highest of the season. “As we have already conveyed in our long-term forecast, it is going to be a hotter than normal summer season in Mumbai this year.

Is Delhi hotter than Mumbai?

Delhi being North of Mumbai gets more Sun during these months. During the summer months the sun shines brighter on the northern latitudes. Delhi being North of Mumbai gets more Sun during these months. Because of strong sun the environment and the air around Delhi {and other Northern states) because warmer and lighter.

Does Mumbai have winter?

Winter Season (October-March)

Mumbai is a coastal town and the best time to escape the high humidity is in the winter months. The temperature rarely goes below 10°C and the weather is perfect to walk around the city, exploring its many secrets.

Why is Mumbai so hot?

Mumbai has a tropical wet and dry climate. It can be best described as moderately hot with high level of humidity. Its coastal nature and tropical location ensures temperatures won’t fluctuate much throughout the year.