You asked: How does rainfall occur in India?

How does India get rainfall?

There seem to be two rain-bearing systems in India. First originate in the Bay of Bengal causing rainfall over the plains of north India. Second is the Arabian Sea current of the south- west monsoon which brings rain to the west coast of India.

When and how does India get rain?

The rainy season lasts from June to September; annual rainfall averages between 750–1,500 mm (30–59 in) across the region. Once the dry northeast monsoon begins in September, most significant precipitation in India falls on Tamil Nadu and Puducherry leaving other states comparatively dry.

Which is the main cause of Indian rainfall?

34.18 Rainfall during June – September constitutes the rains due to monsoon, which is the major source of rain in India.

What is average rainfall in India?

The average rainfall in India is 120 cm.

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