You asked: Is High School 10th or 12th in India?

What is 10th and 12th class called in India?

The Secondary School Certificate, also called SSC or Matriculation examination, in madrasah education Dakhil is a public examination in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan conducted by educational boards for the successful completion of the secondary education exam in these countries.

What is high school means 10th or 12th?

n. A secondary school that usually includes grades 9 or 10 through 12.

What is 12th grade called in India?

India. In India, the equivalent grade is commonly referred to as “Class 12″, or “plus 2”. Generally Twelfth grade is known as +2 which originates from the term (10+2).

Is 10th considered as high school?

The tenth grade is the tenth school year. Grade 10 is a part of high school, and in most parts of the U.S. it is the second year of high school, with 11th then 12th following. The term high school is often used to mean senior high school and distinguished from junior high school.

Is 10th called Higher Secondary?

Higher Secondary education is the next level after Class 10th. Higher Secondary of HSC comprises a two years programme and covers Classes 11th and 12th. … Secondary School Certificate means Class 10th and Higher Secondary Certificate means Class 12th in countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

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What is high school equivalent in India?

In India the high school starts from standard 9th to Standard 12th which is 4 years same as everywhere else in the world but in India you choose either Science,arts or Commerce after 10th to study for 11th and 12th which will determine which course you will be eligible for studying in college if it’s science then …

Does high school mean 12th grade?

High School Or Secondary/Higher Secondary Education

Secondary education includes a high school for children in India. … For some schools, high school may only mean courses of 11th and 12th. While at the same time, for another school, high school may mean classes from 6th to 12th.

What is high school year in India?

The school system in India has four levels: lower primary (age 6 to 10), upper primary (11 and 12), high (13 to 15) and higher secondary (17 and 18).

What is 10th pass called?

In India, matriculation is a term commonly used to refer to the final year of the 10th class, which ends at tenth Board (tenth grade), and the qualification consequently received by passing the national board exams or the state board exams, commonly called “matriculation exams”.

Is college a school or 12?

Yes. Usually class 11th and 12th are considered as school level only and is called higher secondary school. But, in many places it is called college. We usually don’t refer to graduation course as class 13th , 14th and 15th, but it is referred as Bachelor’s course.

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Is 9th grade high school in India?

India. After the National Education Policy 2020 9th grade in India is the freshman year of high school. In the 9th grade students get to choose 5 subjects of their choice.

Is 11th grade high school in India?

The Education System

The Indian education system is structured as follows: Pre-school: Education at this level is not compulsory. … Secondary school: Ninth and tenth standard/class/grade (for 14- to 16-year-olds) Higher secondary or pre-university: 11th and 12th standard/class/grade (for 16- to 17-year-olds).

Is high school a Class 12?

The Academic year for Indian schools runs from April to March. Students complete 10 years of schooling to obtain a Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or 12 years of schooling to obtain a Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC).


Stage Age Grade/Class
High School 15-16 10
Higher Secondary 16-17 11
17-18 12